Out of Time

by Ghost of Altalena

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Overlook Hotel Records



released February 2, 2020


all rights reserved



Ghost of Altalena Jerusalem, Israel

Ghost of Altalena is a progressive doom outfit. The band went through several lineup changes and released the first LP, "Death, Doom and Lollipops" in 2018. Drummer/Vocalist Kevin Hartnell (Thal, wytCHord, Elektrik Warfare) joined the band recently, propelling the music level to new heights, adding a whole layer of uncanny sounds. Ghost of Altalena just unleashed its second LP, "Out Of Time." ... more

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Track Name: Colossus
Soon you'll be shown
Everything that you've done
Before you've gone

The hell awaits
The gates are opened wide
You can't hide

In the world of truth
There is no youth
And no death

Do you think you're clever?
Do you really think you gonna live forever?
Track Name: Castrating Cats
Castrating cats, vaccinating children,
Eat organic food, watch spiderman movies.
Fight HDL for doctors told us
Fight fat in food for there are researches.

Sheep never learn
Let their owners earn
Sheep should only breed
For wolves could feed

Scroll instagram for eternal wisdom
We need no God for we were told we're monkeys

Consuming lies, feed through eyes
We used to say our life's in shit
But seem to enjoy every second of it

No time to rest, no need to argue
We were told we're free for we don't see no fences
Keep working hard to pay for cable TV
And don't forget to charge so you can scroll forever.
Track Name: Sleep
Melodies come to me in a sleep
Where I cannot remember
Everything goes away and I weep
Everything's gone forever
Forever, forever.

Time is a frightening bottomless well
Nothing will be remembered
I can hardly remember myself
And I'm gone, gone forever
Forever, forever.

Wake in pain, forget the delusions.
Try to stay sane despite the confusion.

Files and papers are burned and erased
Strongest hands start to tremor
Everything's lost in a haze
Everything's gone forever
Forever, forever.

Sleep, sleep,
We slip into sleep.
Track Name: Radical Left Ideas
Radical left ideas
don't work in the real world,
so they populate virtual reality -
Mass media, art and internet.
Track Name: Last Day
Open your eyes
And see who comes down
Look at the skies
This is your last day.
Track Name: A call from hell
I cannot breathe
It's so hard, so hard to die
I want to live
One more day, just one more night

A call from hell
A silent yell inside my mind
Funeral bell
No, I'm not, I'm not alright!

Grandfather, we will remember you
There's nothing, nothing that we can do
Remember, life is a passing phase
We're sorry to see so much pain on your face

Goodbye, my friends
I am going to the trial
Everything ends
I'm too weak to say I'm fine

A call from hell
A silent yell inside my mind
Wishing well
Help me please for I am dying
Track Name: Out of Time
A hundred years ago we were having the greatest time of our lives,
We were not aware.
A hundred years ago we were young and we looked fine,
Now time wiped it all away.

We were not aware of time,
We were not afraid of time.
A hundred years ago I was an unhappy little boy
And my mother was always nearby.
A hundred years ago I've never thought she'll ever go
But today I can only cry.

I was not aware of time,
I was not afraid of time.

Unexpected time comes,
Unexpected time hits
You cannot keep time so you're out.

Time lapse, time heals, time comes, time kills.
I'm out of time.
Track Name: The Willow Tree
Come, my child, sit down next to me.
Under the stars, underneath the willow tree.

Take my hand, for the last time.
Don't say goodbye, just stay with me.

Until the rising sun
Shines upon my face
Then carry me home

Over time, you will begin to see.
The shadows will fade into light.

As it is meant to be,
As it is willed to be,
So it is meant to be.
Is it willed to be?
Is it meant to be?

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