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Death, Doom and Lollipops

by Ghost of Altalena

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Forgetting and raging Lonely My body is aging Slowly But it's fast enough to get old, Old in no time, old in no time. Alzheimer is calling Quietly Not ready to fold Cannot be I am barely breathing Wasting my last times For tomorrow I'm leaving To the other side, to the other side. Cover me - I'm cold Who are you - I'm not Quite sure Are you my mother, My daughter, nurse or another Person or a dream of mine? I'm afraid I'm out of time.
I'm sentenced to death from the moment I was born I'm sentenced to death all of nature wants me gone my lawyers cannot argue for more time come down here and tell me what is my crime I am with neither reason nor rhyme I can't forget i'm sentenced to death I just can't forget i'm sentenced to death I'm sentenced to death I'm no sinner, I'm no fraud I'm sentenced to death i am calling, where are you G-d? I can hear someone knocking at the door I can't seem to feel myself anymore all my loyalties are on the floor can't settle my debt can't settle my debt can't settle my debt I'm sentenced to death
Bedroyne 01:05
Serve Me 03:34
Keep outta sight; keep outta sight Don't wanna hear you talk but you better look just right. Serve Me; only my needs. Nothing left for you is how it's gonna be then. You don't matter when it comes to sharing feelings. Don't override; don't override. Serve Me; only my needs. I make all the rules here and your only job is follow. Take it all in shifts; your only job is swallow. This is your plight; no use in flight. Make the same mistake and you’ll find yourself outside. Serve Me; only my needs. Faking only gets you hung in double trouble Leaving cancels the reward of any lyrics by Kim Noble
Sabbath 02:26
She left her brains On dusty shelf Where television's on forever She will repeat what it'll say And nobody knows if she's dumb or clever Nobody knows where she lives Nobody knows if she loves someone Brainless woman fights for peace For she's a brainless, brainless woman. When alone she likes to wipe the dust, She knows no past, no Holocaust. She fights for peace saving the Middle East from the Jewish beasts. Nobody needs you, pretty baby Noone to wipe your tears Fighting for truth is what you're craving To fight those enormous fears. When alone she likes to wipe the dust, She knows no past, no Holocaust. She fights for peace saving the Middle East from the Jewish beasts.
Seven in Me 02:59
Candy 05:52
This world is a candy. It says "FUN" on a wrapper. Youthful, gluttonous fun. Too sweet to eat it all at once. A candy. This world is a candy. I ate my candy. My teeth fell out, corroded with sugar. I need another candy. I cry and I ask - give me my candy back. I will change, I promise. Just give me another candy for more fun. I want to sin again but cannot chew anymore. I need another one. My system collapsed in diabetic nonsense. The wrapper is all torn, the caramel is all but finished and mother's dead hand cleans the table. Time to go for a walk. A candy. This world is a candy.
Boomerang 08:12
Lyrics by Kim Noble I got it bad; real bad, too bad, I got an itch; an itch that I wanna scratch. Do ya think about life about strife about what’s eatin’ what’s eatin’, what’s eatin’ you alive? Do wanna escape run the next big race? Have your cake and just shove it, shove it all in your face? Life can be such a doom, lotta gloom, a big boom boom boom Boomerang. Like a Boomerang released into the wild. Will you return to me or become wayward child? Forget everything you’ve learned when you were young. Step out; no fear; don’t let your hero go unsung. Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boomerang So where ya go, what’s the flow, are you bound, have you found what’s the next big show? Or will you try, try and strike on your own or just give up and let the wind blow blow blow blow. What’s up next for you do you gotta prove or are you fine with whatever room they put you in? Life can be such a doom, lotta gloom, a big boom boom boom Boomerang.
Nothing 03:12


released April 4, 2019

Produced by Tsvetomir Ivanov and Sergey Engel
Mixed by Tsvetomir Ivanov

The band:
Andrea Spaziale - drums
Kim Noble - vocals, ukulele, kazoo
Sergey Engel - guitar, bass, vocals
Tsvetomir Ivanov - sound effects, keys, guitar, engineering

Drums of "Candy" by John Mac
Drums on "Seven in Me" by Ian Blythe
All music and lyrics by Sergey Engel except :
Lyrics on "Sentenced to Death" by Jayesh Raikar and S.Engel
Lyrics on "Serve Me" and "Boomerang" by Kim Noble

Jerusalem, 2019


all rights reserved



Ghost of Altalena Jerusalem, Israel

Ghost of Altalena is a progressive doom outfit. The band went through several lineup changes and released the first LP, "Death, Doom and Lollipops" in 2018. Drummer/Vocalist Kevin Hartnell (Thal, wytCHord, Elektrik Warfare) joined the band recently, propelling the music level to new heights, adding a whole layer of uncanny sounds. Ghost of Altalena just unleashed its second LP, "Out Of Time." ... more

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